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The MGM group of companies was founded by Dr M.G. Muthu in 1963. Dr Muthu is a self-made man - a humble man who started with little more than his principles of truth, hard work, simplicity, honesty and faith. He has created a large group of companies that have operations in a variety of industries including logistics, mining, restaurant chains, construction and hospitality. Magnum Singapore are constantly building on that work ethic to make Muthu hotels as great as it can be.


Our goal is to be the best and to offer the best experience. We work hard to achieve this every day. We've created a brand that's synonymous with quality, flexibility and choice, with a solid financial and legal infrastructure that guarantees the integrity of our products. Service and support networks help our partners to promote, manage and deliver our industry-leading products around the world.


We are constantly raising the quality of our portfolio by bringing new resorts and hotels up to Muthu hotels standards. Our infrastructure and processes make it easy for partners to deliver and profit from our products. New ideas give our members new choices and our sales and marketing partners always have something new to offer customers. We are quick to respond to changing tastes and lifestyles.


Muthu hotels are a team; a team that includes the industry's best experts in development, marketing, sales, finance, publicity and contract law. Our unique blend of resources builds and delivers innovative products, exclusive resorts and great service.


We leave no stone unturned in our search for new destinations, new products and new services, to tempt new and existing members to have excellent holidays as a family, couple or alone on our resorts, to put a toe in the water.

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