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Hot Air Balloon Safari in Kenya

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  • Balloon Adventure, Keekorok, Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
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Balloon Adventure Over The Maasai Mara, Kenya


On the day of your balloon flight, one of our custom safari vehicles will collect you from your camp or lodge at around 530AM to drive you to the launch site. You will arrive at the launch site by 6AM, You will then meet your pilot, who will give you a safety briefing as well as explain what you can expect during your flight.

You will then be loaded into your balloon basket for take-off just before sunrise, at about 6:30AM. The flight will last approximately one hour, depending on wind conditions, and the balloon will land between 7:30 and 7:45AM. You can learn more about what you will see here.

Upon landing, you can observe the complete deflation of the balloon envelope. Our vehicles will then transport you a short distance to breakfast.

Our breakfast is set up on the picturesque savannah plains of the Mara, typically under the shade of a single acacia tree. You will sit down to a full bush breakfast in the Kenyan style, complete with eggs-to-order, juices and, of course, champagne.

After breakfast, at about 830AM-9AM, you will have a game drive back to your camp or lodge. Depending on what you find along the way, the game drive usually takes about one and a half hours. Our drivers are all experienced safari guides. Our drivers have also undertaken strict in-house training to ensure the safety and enjoyment of your game drive.

By 10:30AM you should be back at your camp or lodge, already reliving the memories of the morning’s flight.

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