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Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel & Spa, Tenerife

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Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel & Spa


At Grand Muthu Golf Plaza Hotel & Spa, we understand how a relaxing Spa Session is important in Rejuvenation & Wellness.

With our carefully crafted therapeutic treatments, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience, a journey with the body and the mind towards well-being and deep relaxation.

We invite you to select from our Spa Treatments and Relax, Indulge and Connect with Yourself during your Vacation

List of Our Spa Treatments


Luxury - Aromaterapia 60 Min / 120€

Ultra-relaxing massage thanks to our careful aromatherapy. Release stress and tension from day to day. Tune your body and mind and make calm reach your body.

Relieving Massage 60 Min / 75€

The pressure on different points and the stretching will make the muscular tension of your whole body disappear.

Drago Sport 60 Min / 80€

Massage indicated for athletes. Prevent and recover your body from injuries.

Aloe Vera - Antiestres 60 Min / 90€

Get calm and tranquility for your mind. Fill your body with peace and release tension and stress with specific points accompanied by the best aromatherapy.

Thai Foot – Reflexologia Podal 40 Min / 70€

Activate your whole body through specific points found on your foot. We work it with a stick made by hand in the Thai Temples. Experience one of the best sensations.

Romantic Tajinaste 60 Min / 95€

Massages made with Tajinaste honey, spectacular for its balsamic effect. Recommended for situations of exhaustion (burn out) and nervous disorders. The adherence of the sugar will release toxins and impurities from the body tissue.

Violetas Del Teide 60 Min / 80€

It combines techniques that are carried out with aromatic oils at different temperatures. It is done intuitively by listening to the needs of your body.


Facial Hygiene 60 Min / 65€

Deep cleaning providing luminosity and uniformity, thus achieving a fresh and pure sensation.

Hydration 60 Min / 60€

Super hydration, ideal for dry skin and after sun exposure.

Purifying And Antibacterial Treatment 60 Min / 70€

It cleanses your skin in depth and produces a calming effect, providing elasticity and firmness. Through green clay we will treat your acne problems, cleaning, disinfecting, and closing your pores.

Revitalizing Treatment 60 Min / 70€

Revitalize and soften your skin. It is ideal for dull and colorless skin. Enjoy regenerated and smoother skin thanks to the benefits or red clay.

Anti - Toxin Treatment 60 Min / 70€

Purify your dry and dull skin and restore its most natural appearance. Eliminates toxins and absorbs dead cell from our skin.


Wood Therapy 90 Min / 50€

Ancient body technique that thanks to its wooden utensils help to shape your figure while you relax.

Exfoliations Sensations 30 Min / 35€

Enjoy our wonderful fruit vitamin peels.

Vera Ale Treatment 60 Min / 80€

Therapy that helps our body recover after exposure to the sun through super hydration and a spectacular wrap of aloe vera and marine collagen.


Express Manicure 35 Min / 30€

Spa Manicure 50 Min / 45€

Express Pedicure 45 Min / 40€

Spa Pedicure 50 Min / 55€

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