Sun Africa Lake Naivasha Country Club, Naivasha, Kenya, By MGM Muthu Hotels

Restaurants & Bars

Indulge yourself in a phenomenal fine-dining experience at our in-house multi-cuisine restaurants & Bars

A Table With Many Bowls Of Food On It
Flavour Restaurant

Lake view with soft music, Multi-cuisine

Flavour, the main restaurant of the hotel serves international buffet-style meals.  The dining place provides a stunning lake view. The great ambience and soft music make it an ideal restaurant to enjoy some quality time and quality meals with your loved ones. 

A Bar With Many Bottles Of Alcohol
Tavern Bar

Bar with open terrace, soft music with entertainment projector screen

If you wish to spend a lovely evening in a nice ambience, with an extensive range of fine wines, liquors and exotic & delicious cocktails, then Tavern Bar is your happy place.  Enjoy a magnificent view from our open terrace Tavern Bar along with melodious music with an entertainment projector screen.

A Large Body Of Water Surrounded By Trees
Pool Bar

Pool bar with Lake view, Live firewood pizza

Pool Bar is an ideal venue for pre or post-dinner drinks or a simple evening cocktail.  With an extensive range of fine wines, liquors and tobacco; the experience is further enhanced by sophisticated and diverse music.

From classic appetizers especially live firewood pizza to fanciful drinks, the bar welcomes all with a soft feel, gentle lighting and lake view.